Adobe CS4 beta release

Adobe has released beta versions of Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Soundbooth CS4 at the Adobe Labs website. They have introduced a new layout for their products. I think they are trying to make the interface standard across all their products which will make switching between them much easier. The Beta versions include some great new features such as AIR prototyping right within Fireworks as well as new CSS layouts.

They have also introduced better code hinting for AJAX and javascript in Dreamweaver. There is also a thing called Photoshop Smart Objects where you can drap and drop Photoshop files directly into Dreamweaver. Adobe has updated the CSS support to include the best practices for the web. With the CSS property inspector it makes it easy for all the non coders out there to enter valid CSS. There is also SVN support to manage your files.

I haven't checked out Soundbooth. But to check it out as well as the others head on over to the Adobe Labs website and download the trial versions. They are really worth a look.

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