Flash 10 – Astro

On the 15th of this month (May) Adobe released their beta version of the new Flash player 10. This new player has native 3d support which looks as though it will be able to handle a lot of common things that people do with other 3d flash api's such as Papervision.

Flash 10 also has the ability to read and write files directly to your hard drive. This saves the need to upload information to a server and then download again.

Another thing adobe has added in flash 10 is the ability to type arrays called vectors. This means that you can make an array only have 1 specific type of content in it, such as a string or a number.

If you would like to know how you can test out Flash player 10 for yourself, have a look at Lee Brimelow's tutorial on how to install it.

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    i just wanted to be the first to comment. *lol* me first gimme gimme!!!!!!! cool site. confusing code.

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