Structure Creator 1.1.6 Out Now!

Structure Creator

Structure Creator 1.1.6 extension for Flash is now available. It will now save your last used schema, width, height and frame rate.

Get it from Google Code

I'd appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

2 Responses to “Structure Creator 1.1.6 Out Now!”

  1. Steven Sacks Says:


    I could not find your email to contact you directly.

    In your JSFL source code you have copied significant code directly from my Gaia Framework JSFL code (specifically, the contents of your createFLA method).

    In accordance with the Gaia license, if you use my source code, you are required to keep my contact information in the code.


  2. Ed Says:

    We have now added in the credit to you inside the JSFL file. Sorry about that, we didn’t realise we had to.
    We based it off code that you posed on your blog and not off the one in the Gaia package.

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