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Structure Creator 1.3 Now Available

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Version 1.3 of Structure Creator is out now at the google code site. Now works in Adobe Flash CS5

New in Version 1.3

  • Works with Adobe Flash CS5
  • Now checks for updates, so you can always have the latest version of Structure Creator.
  • You can now create Flash Builder Project files
  • Can now run without being online

So go on over to google code and grab version 1.3 of Structure Creator.

Structure Creator 1.2 Now Available!

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Well it's been about a year since the last actual update to Structure Creator. Been quite busy and never got around to updating it. Well today version 1.2 is now available over at google code.

There have been some new additions as well as some bug fixes. One of the new additions is the Project Name. You can now use %PROJECTNAME% in your templates to display the name of the project.  Another new addition is a check box to create a Flash Develop project file.

I have also added the ability to have your fla files in one folder and your classes in another folder. This is done with a new attribute in the schema on the fla file. Use classpath="../classes/" in the file tag of your fla and you can change the class directory for that fla. Make sure you incluse the trailing slash.

So go on over to google code and grab version 1.2 of Structure Creator.

Planned in the next update: Flash Builder project files, and the update for CS5.