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Structure Creator 2.0.2 Available

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

It's been a long time since I last posted here. But I should say that Structure Creator flash plugin is now available on GitHub.

Since version 1.3 I have added a lot of new features

New in Version 2.0.2

  • Updated Facebook API to Graph API 1.0
  • Updated TweenMax to version 11.411
  • Updated Away3D to version 3.6.0 FP10

New in Version 2.0.1

New in Version 2.0.0

It is really recommended to update to the latest version. More packages will be available soon.

Leave a comment and let me know which packages you would like to see added.

Structure Creator 1.3 Now Available

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Version 1.3 of Structure Creator is out now at the google code site. Now works in Adobe Flash CS5

New in Version 1.3

  • Works with Adobe Flash CS5
  • Now checks for updates, so you can always have the latest version of Structure Creator.
  • You can now create Flash Builder Project files
  • Can now run without being online

So go on over to google code and grab version 1.3 of Structure Creator.

A-SFUG August ’09 Meeting

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

The August user group meeting is coming up! Please RSVP on Facebook.

  1. Adobe Alchemy by Bok: “Alchemy brings the power of high performance C and C++ libraries to Flash!” Come and meet Bok the C++ guru! Not sure what alchemy can do for you? Here’s lots of cool stuff:
  2. Fighting cheaters in Flash games by Craig: It’s been well known that people tend to cheat in Flash games, especially when there’s a prize adding the incentive. Hear from Craig how he fights with hardcore cheaters to create a safer Flash game!
  3. Last but not least, bring your questions to the meeting for open discussions in our “how stuff works” section.

Date: Saturday, August 22, 2009
Time: 11:00am - 1:00pm
Location: 03-01 Ogilvy Centre
Street: Robinson Road 35
City/Town: Singapore, Singapore

Hope to see you all there
(via Shang)

Structure Creator in Staff Picks on Adobe Exchange

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

I just discovered tonight that Structure Creator is in the Staff Picks on the Adobe Exchange. I'm very happy about this, although the version that is up there at the moment (7th July '09) is not currently the latest version. Shang will need to update that.

Big thanks to Danny and Shang with their help on creating Flash Structure Creator. We will keep working on it and bring out some more updates soon.

Added SWFAddress 2.3 to Structure Creator

Friday, June 12th, 2009

I have just updated the SWFAddress version for the default schema of Structure Creator. It will now use SWFAddress version 2.3. If you have the latest version of Structure Creator you don't need to do anything, the next time you create a project it will be using version 2.3.

UPDATE: SWFobject has also been updated to version 2.2

Grab version of Structure Creator from Google Code

HTML and CSS in Flash

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

I have just uploaded my slides on HTML and CSS in Flash from the last A-SFUG meeting

I hope you find it useful.

Structure Creator

Monday, April 20th, 2009
Structure Creator

Structure Creator extension for Flash is now available.  Fixed issue with class path.

Get it from Google Code

I'd appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

Structure Creator 1.1.6 Out Now!

Thursday, March 26th, 2009
Structure Creator

Structure Creator 1.1.6 extension for Flash is now available. It will now save your last used schema, width, height and frame rate.

Get it from Google Code

I'd appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

Instance names and code hinting – Tips & Tricks

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

code_hintingWhen coding in actionscript sometimes it can be a pain that you don't get code hinting with objects that are on stage. A good way of overcoming this is to change the instance names of your objects (Movie Clips, Buttons, etc.) to have an underscore "_" then the abbreviated name of that object at the end of the name.

For example, you may have a movie clip on stage called myMovieClip. Change the instance name to have an _mc at the end (myMovieClip_mc), and now in your actions panel type myMovieClip_mc and press period. You will now see all the code hinting for a movie clip popup (see image). This can save a whole heap of time when coding.

Here is a list of the different shortcuts that you can use to bring up the code hinting. Some of these are for AS2 but the rest will work with AS3.

Object type Variable suffix
Array _array
Button _btn
Camera _cam
Color _color
ContextMenu _cm
ContextMenuItem _cmi
Date _date
Error _err
LoadVars _lv
LocalConnection _lc
Microphone _mic
MovieClip _mc
MovieClipLoader _mcl
PrintJob _pj
NetConnection _nc
NetStream _ns
SharedObject _so
Sound _sound
String _str
TextField _txt
TextFormat _fmt
Video _video
XML _xml
XMLNode _xmlnode
XMLSocket _xmlsocket

I find that using this technique saves me a whole heap of time when programming.

Forget 25 lines. Try 140 Characters

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

A while ago I talked about the 25 lines competition which is a contest to see who can make the most spectacular thing with only 25 lines of code. Today Grant Skinner has announced on his blog a competition called #tweetcoding. Basically the contest is to create the coolest thing you can in AS3, with  only using 140 characters of code. If you enter you stand to win a copy of Flash CS4!

Details can be found here: