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Structure Creator in Staff Picks on Adobe Exchange

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

I just discovered tonight that Structure Creator is in the Staff Picks on the Adobe Exchange. I'm very happy about this, although the version that is up there at the moment (7th July '09) is not currently the latest version. Shang will need to update that.

Big thanks to Danny and Shang with their help on creating Flash Structure Creator. We will keep working on it and bring out some more updates soon.

Forget 25 lines. Try 140 Characters

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

A while ago I talked about the 25 lines competition which is a contest to see who can make the most spectacular thing with only 25 lines of code. Today Grant Skinner has announced on his blog a competition called #tweetcoding. Basically the contest is to create the coolest thing you can in AS3, with  only using 140 characters of code. If you enter you stand to win a copy of Flash CS4!

Details can be found here:

Structure Creator 1.1.4

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009
Structure Creator

I have updated the Structure Creator extension for Flash on Google code. Now at version 1.1.4.
Now included the new SWFAddress 2.2 and allows for custom FLA names as well as a few minor bug fixes.

Get it at Google Code

Flash Project Structure Creator

Monday, November 17th, 2008
Structure Creator

Danny, Shang and I have been creating a flash extension which creates the project structure for a flash project. The default structure is setup for web projects however the schema is customisable using a simple xml format. Using the default schema it will generate a project with swfobject and swfaddress and create the html file for the flash to display in.

It's a very handy plugin which speeds up the workflow when creating flash projects. It works in both Flash CS3 and CS4.

If you have any suggestions about what should be included or changed in this plugin, please leave a comment. I'd like to hear some of your feedback on it.

It is available at google code.

Using Pixel Fonts in Flash

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

When using pixel fonts in Flash sometimes you will notice that the text appears slightly blury. The reason for this is that all textfields with pixel fonts need their possision to be at whole pixels. This means that if the textfield's x possision is at 100.3 and y is at 100.8 then the font will appear fuzzy. all you need to do is round these numbers off. So the new possision of the textfield will be x=100 and y=101

If the textfield is inside a movie clip you need to make sure the possision of the movie clip as well as the text field are rounded off.